WordPress Vs Blogger - Which Is Better ?

Are you planning to start a new blog ? Not sure whether you should use WordPress or  Blogger as your blog platform. Well, we can help.

Most of the beginners want to know that which one is the best for a good blogging career from Blogger or WordPress. So, I have noted some points to assure you which platform is most professional, and most recommended and differences between them.

In this article, we will compare Blogger vs WordPress side by side and show you the differences that matter. Our goal is to help you decide which is better platform for your needs.

Difference Between Blogger And WordPress

Hosting Space

As you all know that Blogger has free hosting space for your website for a lifetime. But, WordPress has not. In the case of WordPress, you have to purchase a custom hosting providers. To create a Blog in WordPress, you will need to buy a hosting plan. It sounds a bit complex at first, however it is simple depends on user.


In the case of Bloggers, there are no possibilities of downtime because of Google data servers. But on the other hand, if you are on WordPress it depends upon your hosting provider.

Coding Knowledge

In the case of a Blogger, you must have some knowledge about coding. But in WordPress, you may no need to be a coder.

Traffic Limitations

In the case of a Blogger, you have no limitations for how much traffic you receive on your Blog. But again in the case of WordPress. It depends upon your hosting. If you purchased a low cost hosting it may limit your traffic.


You have know many customization options in Blogger but in the case of WordPress. There are thousands of plugins available to customize your website.

Control And Flexibility

Blogger is designed to be a simple Blogging tool. That means the things you can do on your Blogger blog are limited. Blogger has a set of built in Gadgets that let you add features like advertising, subscription links, a contact form, and more. They are all provided by Google.

In the case of WordPress is open source software, So you can easily extend it to add new features. You can add almost any feature imaginable to your WordPress blog with plugins and third party integrations. There are thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins that allow you to hugely modify and extend the default features.


If you are a beginner and don't want to spend any single dollar online so you go with Blogger. But if you are a little bit sincere about your blogging career but have no much money so you must buy at least a domain and connect with a Blogger. If you have money and want a good career so go with WordPress.

Comparison Table

Feature WordPress Blogger
Simplicity Beginner friendly with a learning curve Just a few clicks until your first post
Templates Tens of thousands of extensions Very limited options
Support Community, pay for support Support forum, basic documentation
Portability Quickly export and import content It’s hard to switch from Blogger to another platform
Control You own the blog, complete control Google owns it, limited control

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